IT & Design for Development

Information Technologies (IT) and Human-Centered Design have tremendous promise in human development. These mobile technologies and culturally adaptable methods can expand opportunities for education, provide access to finance, and help entrepreneurs to make informed and cost-effective decisions. Coding and design initiatives have myriad applications in development, from early warning and emergency response systems for natural disasters, to mobile banking applications that give rural poor access to loans and bank accounts. IT can leverage big data to design smart growth in cities, make energy infrastructure more efficient, and track environmental changes. These technologies can build capacity and facilitate the modernization of government systems, lowering the cost of information and increasing transparency and participation, creating opportunities to increase accountability and reduce corruption. Seeing these opportunities and recognizing Dartmouth’s comparative advantage in these fields, the Dickey Center is cultivating a network of faculty, undergraduate students, post-graduate fellows and graduate students who are keen to apply information technologies and human-centered design for social good. In the summer of 2018, we will be supporting two student internships in this emerging field of development:

Kathmandu Living Lab (KLL) is a not-for-profit civic technology company that creates digital tools so that government, nonprofits and businesses can use information technology to provide services for everyday citizens and to transform society. KLL contributes to Open Street Maps (OSM), an open-source platform for mapping which, in the developing world, is many orders of magnitude more detailed than Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Open Data Kosovo is a nonprofit organization that believes that data is essential in establishing good governance, government transparency, and accountability. A detailed description of this internship can be found in the Supplemental Files below.

These internships require a *high degree* of technical proficiency in coding. The specific tasks and responsibilities will include:

- Rapid prototyping and software development to design.

- Identifying issues and running analysis of open data to compile data-driven, evidence-based recommendations on how to best address the identified issues.

- Implementing data visualizations and writing data-driven stories.

- Identifying opportunities for making data more publicly available.

Apply online HERE. Contact Ken Bauer ( if you have any questions about these opportunities. 


Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 5:00pm
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The John Sloan Dickey Center