Lee McDavid

Arctic Program Manager
Institute of Arctic Studies

Lee McDavid oversees the various campus and international initiatives of the Institute of Arctic Studies at the Dickey Center, including advising undergraduates interested in the Stefansson Fellowship and other research opportunities. She plans and manages the Polar Environmental Change seminar series as well as conferences and workshops for the University of the Arctic (UArctic) Institute for Arctic Policy, a multi-institutional collaboration, and manages the Dartmouth-Greenland student exchange. She also provides program support for the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP). Lee also manages Arctic and Dickey Center websites. She holds a BS from Colorado State University and a MALS from Dartmouth. Previous to joining the Dickey Center she worked as a writer, editor and communications consultant. 

147 Haldeman Center
HB 6214
B.S. Colorado State University
MALS, Dartmouth College

Selected publications

McDavid, L. (2013) Talking About Science. Witness the Arctic, ARCUS, 17 (3).

McDavid, L. (2012) IGERT Students Experience ‘Big Science’. Dartmouth Now, August 3.

McDavid, L. (2012) Dartmouth Report Addresses the Health and Wellbeing of Arctic Communities. Dartmouth Now, May 30. 

McDavid, L. (2012) Airborne System Allows Researchers to Look Beneath the Antarctic Surface. Dartmouth Now, March 28.

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