Meredith A. Kelly

My research interests and objectives center upon advancing the knowledge of the terrestrial record of past climate change on timescales that range from centuries to millions of years. This research will benefit our understanding of the modern climate and the mechanisms which cause climate change. I have undertaken research in various geographic locations in order to develop well-dated records of the past extents of glaciers and ice sheets. Although my research generally involves glacial geologic studies, I have broader interests in Quaternary studies and geomorphology.

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Earth Sciences
The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
B.S. Tufts University
M.S. University of Maine
Ph.D. University of Bern

Selected Publications

Kelly, M A, T V Lowell, B L Hall, J M Schaefer, R C Finkel, B M Goehring, R B Alley, and G H Denton, “A 10Be Chronology of Lateglacial and Holocene Mountain Glaciation in the Scoresby Sund Region, East Greenland: Implications for Seasonality During Lateglacial Time,” Quaternary Science Reviews , 27: 25-26 (2008) 2273-2282.

Lowell, T V, and M A Kelly, “CLIMATE: Was the Younger Dryas Global?,” Science 321:5887 (2008) 348-349.

Kelly, M A, S Ivy-Ochs, P W Kubik, F von Blanckenburg, and C Schlüchter, “Chronology of Deglaciation based on 10Be Dates of Glacial Erosional Features in the Grimsel Pass Region, Central Swiss Alps,” Boreas , 35:4 (2006) 634-643.

Preusser, F, C Schlüchter, R Drescher-Schneider, S Ivy-Ochs, and M A Kelly, Comment on ‘First Evidence of “in-situ” Eemian Sediments on the High Plateau of Evian (Northern Alps, France): Implications for the Chronology of the Last Glaciation’, Quaternary Science Reviews , 25 (2006) 645-647.

Kelly, M A, P W Kubik, F von Blanckenburg, and C Schlüchter, “Surface Exposure Dating of the Great Aletsch Glacier Egesen Moraine System, Western Swiss Alps, using the Cosmogenic Nuclide 10Be,” Journal of Quaternary Science , 19:5 (2004) 431-441.

Associate Professor of Earth Science
The John Sloan Dickey Center